Bus Picture's July 2003


June's Bus - 1991 Ford F350, 24 feet long, Ricon lift


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junes-bus.jpg (14354 bytes)   BusOverview24footLong2348.JPG (256888 bytes)
On dealers lot before bought   Converted into a camper
BusLiftDoorClosedCloseup02347.JPG (216262 bytes) Bungee cord used to hold Right door open in winds BusLiftDoor02341.JPG (233661 bytes)
The door handle must be pointed in opposite direction to open doors   The electric control hangs from the middle of the upright lift
BusLiftDoorOutsideOpenCloseup2345.JPG (226549 bytes)   BusLiftDoorInsideCloseup2344.JPG (309383 bytes)
The electric control is very high up for me to reach   Inside looking out
BusLiftDoorIntsideLeftCloseup02340.JPG (218914 bytes)   BusLiftDoorIntsideRightCloseup02337.JPG (206648 bytes)
Top left door   Right door mechanism
BusDoorInsideRightBottomCloseup2346.JPG (281457 bytes)   BusLiftDoorIntsideRightCloseup2338.JPG (208125 bytes)
Right door bottom   Right door mechanism
BusLiftDoorIntsideRightCloseupTop02339.JPG (202742 bytes)   BusLiftDoorIntside2342.JPG (219045 bytes)
Right door Top   Inside looking out
BusLiftDoorOutsideCloseup02336.JPG (197603 bytes)   BusLiftIntsideCloseup2343.JPG (422123 bytes)
Outside doors closed   Inside looking out