East Sutton Park, Kent, England Photos

            These 16 rare photos shown below were taken in the late 1980's are provided as a courtesy of Ed Tullett, Governor of East Sutton Park and Linsey Arnold [HMPS]

A special thank you to Julie Evans [HMPS] for helping bring about access to the East Sutton Park Women's Prison during our UK visit to our immigrant ancestor, Henry Filmer's ancestral home. 
16 October 2007

Four of us, June and Larry Shaputis, and our friends, Jim Clark and Paul Lauff, were graciously allowed to take pictures and videos in October 2007, of some of the public areas inside the manor, the manor grounds and inside the nearby church where many of the Filmer family are buried.

We are making these pictures available online to help the East Sutton Park Prison not have to disappoint and turn away people wishing to visit that are descended from the Filmer family. Security reasons are the cause of their not being able to allow everyone who wants to visit.

Hopefully the pictures we took and the ones the ESP Prison have provided will give you a great overview that will seem just like you were there too. Please give the proper credit in your family history information for any photo or video you use in telling the Filmer family history. I would appreciate your telling me where you are using the photos.

The photos and videos belonging to the prison or those of us who took them on 16 Oct 2007 are copyrighted and are not available for any profit making product without my specific written permission or that of the ESP Prison on the photos they have provided. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Each of us took many photos and I am just now able to start posting them. Some are similar to those taken by the others but are being put up in case one view shows something in better clarity. We tried to make sure buildings were viewed from multiple sides and angles so you can get a complete visual picture of what it is like there. Enjoy.

The highlighted links show the photos from the person taking them, so keep checking to see all of the pictures as I can post them by the photographer.

Paul Lauff photos    Jim Clark photos    June and Larry Shaputis photos and videos

Photos owned by the ESP Prison are below

East Sutton Park Manor with the medieval church in the background far left.

"..the vineyard is no more - problems with taxation and customs prohibited us making any more wine.."  L. A.

The cows shown in this photo are Friesians. They were raised for meat production as well as being  prized for their milk production.


"Farm buildings are very old - about as old as the estate and the building with grey stone is the very original dating back to the 13th Century and recorded in the Doomsday Book." L. A.


Note the stained glass at top of the landing shown.

"The wooden ceiling is that of the Library of old - now used as the resident's dining room - it has an impressive glass partition half way down to divide to room in two. It used to have a secret passage which has long been filled in but the door is still there." L. A.

I hope the 18 children in the family got to slide down the banisters.

Linsey Arnold,
Head of Establishment
East Sutton Park
Kent Female Estate.
HMP/YOI East Sutton Park
Sutton Valence
Maidstone, Kent
ME17 3DF



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17010 County Road 338
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