Charles Edward Clay, Descendant of the East Sutton Park Filmer / Argall Families

 and his first wife,

Fingernail Woman aka Mrs. Clay, a Lakota Sioux


Philippe Arundel - Richard Sergeaux, Knight of Colquite, Cornwall

Philippe Sergeaux - Robert Pashley, Knight, of Pashley, Ticehurst, Sussex

John Pashley, Knight, of Thevegate, Smeeth, Kent - Elizabeth Wydeville

John Pashley, Esquire, of Thevegate, Smeeth, Kent - Lowys Gower

Elizabeth Pashley - Reynold Pympe, Esquire, of Nettlestead, Kent

Anne Pympe - John Scott, Knight, of Scott's Hall, Smeeth, Kent

Reynold Scott, Knight, of Scott's Hall, Smeeth, Kent - Mary Tuke

Mary Scott - Richard Argall, Esquire, of East Sutton Park, Kent

Elizabeth Argall - Edward Filmer, of East Sutton Park, Kent

Henry Filmer, Gentleman, of  East Sutton Park, Kent - Elizabeth ___ (may have been Austin) (Immigrant ancestor)

Martha (Elizabeth?) Filmer - Thomas "The Seagull" II Green (Immigrant ancestor)

Thomas Green III - Elizabeth Marston

Martha Patsy Green - Reverend Charles Clay

Reverend Charles Green Clay - Editha Landon Davies

Paulus Aurelius Clay - Mary Louise Watkins

Charles Edward Clay - Lulu Fingernail Woman (Wiya Sake) (full-blood Oglala, Lakota, Sioux)

Charles Edward Clay b. 18 Nov 1838, Bermuda, Bedford, Virginia, m. (1) c 1867, in by
          Indian custom in Wyoming, Lulu Fingernail Woman, b. Abt 1855, an Oglala Sioux Indian,
          d. 14 Jul 1902, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, buried: Indian cemetery, Pine Ridge
          Indian Res., South Dakota,  orphaned at young age; had a sister.

Charles Clay and Fingernail Woman likely met while he served as Suttler's Clerk at Fort Laramie, Wyoming after he came west as a bullwhacker after the Civil War was over and his well-known and well-educated Virginia family had lost almost everything. He was able to save some books and when the University of Wyoming began he donated the first 100 books to it from those he had freighted west with him. C. E. Clay was a second cousin to the famous orator, Henry Clay of Kentucky.

Fingernail Woman was staying near Fort Laramie with Red Cloud's band of Oglala Sioux and family legend says that Clay either won her in a poker game or bought her from a Lieutenant at the fort. What ever the truth is, she was only about 13 years old when she had her first child by Clay in 1868.

Charles Clay and Fingernail Woman eventually moved to the Chugwater and Douglas, Wyoming areas where he continued to run a freight business and small mercantile stores. Some of his siblings had moved from Virginia to be near him there. He was involved in local politics and a street in the small town of Chugwater, Wyoming was named for him. His homestead was north of Chugwater where the high, vertical cliffs can be seen. The Sioux used these cliffs to hunt buffalo and run them off of them where they were butchered at the bottom. Chugwater got its name from the sound the buffalo made when hitting the earth from such a long fall.

After the Battle of the Greasy Grass (White me refer to it as the Battle of the Little Bighorn) in late June 1875, where Custer and his soldiers were killed by the Sioux, Cheyenne's, and some members of other tribes, the US Army began rounding up all Native Americans with a vengeance to force them onto reservations. It made no difference if the individual was a part of the battle in Eastern Montana Territory or not, all Native Americans in the west were punished in many ways. The US Army did not care if they killed the Native Americans or not while trying to put all tribes into reservations to take away their nomadic lifestyle.

The Clays knew that the Army would be coming to take her to a reservation so she left her husband and children and joined up with the Crazy Horse band to try to escape. The buffalo, the main source of survival for the Plains Indians, were being brutally being killed off to eliminate them so the Indians had no way to make shelters, clothing, tools, or use them as a food source. Soon there were none to even feed the people and the other larger animals were soon consumed until food was difficult to find.

The Army relentlessly pursued the bands trying to avoid capture secure in the knowledge that the harsh winter and almost no food would force them to eventually surrender. Some of the weak and injured people began to surrender as they were not able to survive without doing so. That winter began early and was a very cold one. Fingernail Woman, an unidentified woman and child turned them selves in to the reservation on or around November 8, 1876, probably because they had no male to provide food for them and they were starving. She is listed four times in the Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger but she had surrendered before Crazy Horse and the majority of the band presented themselves to the Red Cloud Agency on May 6, 1877 in a sick and starving condition with few weapons and almost no ammunition.

Lulu Fingernail Woman Clay  ( Indian spelling for Fingernail Woman: Wi-Sake or Wiya Sake)  Fingernail Woman died c age 58 at her death in July 1902. She had been married to several other Indian husbands after being forced to live the rest of her life on the reservation and had several Indian children, none of whom survived over the age of 21. The only two children that survived her were her two half blood daughters, Susie and Emma by Charles E. Clay. She never saw them again or communicated with them after leaving them in 1876.
http://language.nativeweb.org/Lakota_translation.htm (see Fingernail and Woman)

"record at the Denver federal center was that she was in the Wakpamni district which runs from Pine Ridge (South Dakota, USA) town all the way east to the border of the reservation it's a long narrow strip on the most southern part if the reservation and it list her by the name of Fingernail women and her Indian name was also given as Wi-Sake" Butch Ford, family genealogist

          Charles m. (2) 19 Oct 1876, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Mary Agnes Abney, b. Dec 1859, MO, d.
          1904, Elma, Washington, buried: Elma Masonic. cemetery, Elma, Washington,  block 63 lot 4, dau
          of John "Jackson" Abney b. KY.  Charles died 18 Aug 1905, Elma, Washington, buried:
          Elma Masonic cemetery, Elma, Washington,  block 63 lot 5, CSA; He was kicked while arresting
          a drunk. Died of peritonitis. Served in the Confederate Southern Army: Co. A, "Clay
          Dragoons". 2nd VA Cavalry, William R. Terry, Captain. C. E. Clay served on Wyoming's
          1st Legislature.
          Whiteside Mortuary, Elma Wash 98541; 1880 census Cheyenne, Laramie, Wyoming;
          Wyoming State Historical Research and publications Division - Historical Dept of Wyoming;
         "Wyoming Dictations 1885" by Bancroft & Morrison, Bancroft collection; "Chehalis Co Vidette",
          Monteszano, WA Fri Aug 25, 1905; 1900 Chehalis co, Elma precinct, WA census sd#1 ed#12 sheet 21
         (almost end of roll). Elma Masonic Cemetery. Block 63 lot 5; Bedford County, VA Families and History.

                                Children by Lulu Fingernail Woman:
                        i       Hattie Clay b. c 6 Mar 1868, near Chugwater Creek, Wyoming,
                                d. 30 Apr 1880, Cheyenne, Wyoming, buried: lot 23 space A,
                                Lakeview cemetery., Cheyenne, Wyoming,  consumption.

                        ii      Johnnie Clay b. 4 Oct 1870, Chugwater Creek, near Chugwater,
                                Wyoming, d. 29 Jun 1875, 5 yrs 8 mos 25 ds - Wyoming, buried: lot 23
                                space D, Lakeview cemetery., Cheyenne, Wyoming,  has a tombstone.

                36.     iii     Susie Clay b. 1871. Susie Clay b. 1871, near Chugwater, Wyo on Creek, m. (1) 28 Aug 1889, in Douglas,
          Wyoming, William Morris, m. (2) aft 1899, William Cox.  Susie died 17 Jan 1944,
          St. Joseph, Mich.,  md 2 times, Wm Morris; Wm. Cox - (1 child). 
          Sioux Indian allotment # OSN-61524; marriage certificate filed 11 Nov 1889 in
          Douglas, Wyo; in 1923 she was living at 509 State St. in St. Joseph, Mich.; Wyo
          St. Historical Society Research Dept.

                                Children by William Cox:
                        i       Mabel Cox b. c 1890/1900, m. ___ Shrader. Mabel died 20 Nov

                37.     iv      Emma B Clay b. 28 Feb 1873. Emma B Clay b. 28 Feb 1873, near Douglas or Chugwater, Wyo, m. (1) Abt 1889, in Wyo?,
          ___ Smith, m. (2) ca 1894, John Landon Burch, b. 2 Sep 1861, (son of Andrew C Burch
          and unknown) d. 14 Apr 1921, Denver, Colorado, buried: Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Co, 
          Block 13 lot 279, streetcar/wagon accident. Emma died 03 Sep 1926, Denver, Colo, buried:
          Block 13 lot 279, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colo,  7 children.  Indian allotment # RS 2691
          (93794-21) & /RS-2691 1/2 Pine Ridge, SD; her will is recorded in Will Record page 96
          #39458 dated 19 Jun 1926.
  Owned 4764 Vine St. in Elyria Addition & Block 3 lots 9 &
          10 and Indian lands in S Dakota. Buried Riverside Cem., Denver, CO Block 13 lot 279.
          Had 7 children.
          John: Broke the first ground at Fitzimmon's Army Hospital with his slip and team. He
          was buried in Riverside Cem., Denver, CO Block 13 lot 279. Streetcar / wagon accident;
          complications of leg amputation. Contractor and odd jobs.

         Children by ----- Smith:
                        i       Blanche Smith b. 28 Jul 1890, Wyo, m. c 1907, in ?Denver,
                                   Colorado, ?Bert Trofler.  Blanche died 5 Jun 1914, Denver,
                                   Colo, buried: Block 11 lot 198, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colo, 
                                   1 child.  suicide by bi-chloride of mercury poisoning; death
                                   certificate #4761; In CO 21 years; buried in Block 11 lot 198
                                   Sec 4, no marker.
                        ii      Raymond Robert Smith b. Dec-1892, Colo, d. 3 Aug 1916, Denver,
                                Colo, buried: Block 11 lot 168, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Colo, 
                                murdered, not md; no issue.  Shot and murdered by Luther Wolfe
                                at 34th and Sand Streets, Denver, CO while working on job.
                                "Rocky Mountain News" p 12 3/4 Aug 1916; death certificate
                                #5985 buried in Block 11 lot 168 sec 7, no marker; coroner's
                                report on file at the Denver Public Library, Genealogical

     Children by John Landon Burch:
                        iii     Charles Andrew Burch b. 9 Sep 1896, d. 30 Jun 1975, Denver,
                                Colo, buried: Block B lot 230, Riverside Cemetery, Denver, Co,  no
                                issue.  buried Block 13 lot 230 section I, marker, never
                                married, no issue. A friend Jeanette C. LaConte buried him
                                using Olinger Mortuary.  His Indian allotment # Oglala Sioux
                                N-61642, Pine Ridge (& Rosebud) Indian Reservation, South
                                Dakota US Dept of Interior Probate # IP RC 175Z, 84 says his
                                birthday 28 Sep 1895(1985)

                        iv      Minnie Anna Burch b. 19 May 1899, Kiowa (county?), Colorado,
                                m. 09 Jul 1917, in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, Clarence Edgar
b. 21 Sep 1895, Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, (son of
                                Frank Edward Ford and Iva (Ivah) Hall
) d. 24 May 1954, Denver,
                                Colorado, buried: 1954, Riverside Cem. Block 13 lot 279 Denver,
                                CO,  worked at Cudahy Packing Co many years. 
                                Minnie died 14 May 1973, Denver, Colorado, buried: 1973,
                                Riverside Cem. Block 13 lot 279 Denver, CO. She was blinded in
                                one eye at the age of 12 when a boy threw a snowball with a
                                rock in it and blinded in the other eye in 1944 while picking
                                up a object next to the street and a car door was opened,
                                its corner hitting her good eye.
                                Death cert. # 2535 & 07057 filed 24 May 1973; Social
                                Security # 524-60-5977 died of Cancer of the bile duct.
                                Clarence: Death certificate # 4532 R.#2065 Dist. 54; Social
                                Security # 712-03-0630 or 0930; "Rocky Mountain News" p. 64 and
                                "Denver Post" p. 28 - 26 May 1954; Marriage license #8075,
                                Golden, CO; died of emphysema and pulmonary embolism
                                (suffered from asthma); served as an S2 in the Navy during WW I.
                                Union Pacific RR Engineer.
                                 * baby boy Ford b. Jan 1917 d. Jan 1917
                                 * Blanche Ford b. 1921 d. Dec 1921
                                 * Leo Edward "Buster" Ford b. 19 Nov 1922
                                    m. 06 Sep 1946 Bonnie Jean Burgeson b. 21 Apr 1926
                                 * Raymond Robert Ford b. Jan 1925 d. Jan 1925
                                 * Minnie June Ford b. 20 Jun 1927
                                    m. 13 May 1943 Harry Francis Murdock Jr. b. 20 Jun 1923
                                    m. 09 Jul 1948 Daniel Joseph McDonough b. 07 Aug 1925 d. 31 Mar 1974
                                    m. 1 May 1964 Kenneth Lannon
                                    m. 8 Sep 1966 Fred Byers
                                    m. 29 Oct 1972 Lee Wesley Ryan
                                 * Gloria Lavine Ford b. 25 Jun 1930 d. 1994
                                    m. 02 Apr 1946 Merle Minear
                                    m. Oct 1959 Floyd Edwin Johnson
                                    m. --- Ficco
                                    m. 3 Nov 1972 Edwin Berry
                                 * Mary Ruth Ford b. 20 Aug 1932
                                    m. 30 Oct 1948 Keith Smith b. 27 Sep 1931; d, 2007
                                 * Lorraine Jean Ford b. 07 Jul 1934
                                    m. 10 Sep 1955 Arthur "Ronnie" Toney b. 27 Aug 1932
                                 * Clarence J. "Butch" Ford b. 02 Feb 1936
                                    m. 26 Feb 1954 Erma Lee Lanham b. 30 Jun 1937
                                 * Charles J. Ford b. 25 Oct 1937
                                    m. 01 Feb 1964 Wanda Oletski b. 25 May 1940

                        v       Susie Marie Burch b. 28 Mar 1900, Colorado, m. (1) Lee Davis,
                                m. (2) --- Robatelli, m. (3) Elmer T Sweeley.  Susie died
                                1965/1966, Vallejo, Calif, buried: Vallejo, Calif, 2 children.
                        vi      William E. Burch b. 1902, Denver, Co, m. Hazel ---.  William
                                died c 20 Jun 1953, Denver, Co, buried: block 23 lot 1,
                                Riverside Cemetery., Denver, Co,  amputee, ran over by auto; no
                                issue; legs were frostbitten and removed for some time before
                                his death, he was going across the street on his flat wheeled
                                platform when he was struck and killed by a car. Buried Block
                                32 lot 1 section 94, no marker.
                        vii     Myrtle "Toodles" Burch b. 17 Jan 1909, Colo, m. (1) Charley
                                Frank, m. (2) --- Robbins, m. (3) --- Hatfield. Myrtle died
                                28 Jul 1983, Denver, Colo, buried: Olinger Evergreen Memorial
                                Gardens, she had 3 children, all girls. Raised 1, others were
                                adopted out. SS #524-12-8602A; Indian allotment # OSN-61644

                                Children by Mary Agnes Abney:
                38.     v       Maud Clay b. 27 Sep 1879.
                        vi      Mae (Mary, Margaret) Clay b. 9 Feb 1877/78, Cheyenne, Wyoming,
                                d. 23 Aug 1881, buried: Lakeview cemetery, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 
                                lot 23 grave C.
                39.     vii     Beth (Laura) "Maude" Clay b. 23 Jul 1882.
                40.     viii    Charles E. Clay Jr b. 2 Sep 1885.