Where The Bodies Are

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by author June Shaputis

A Chaffee County Historian and Author of:
"Where the Bodies Are"

"Chaffee County, Colorado, Burials"
and co-author of
"A History of Chaffee County, Colorado"

These books are a history of the people, places, interments, and events of Salida, Buena Vista, Granite, Nathrop, Centerville and other areas of Chaffee County, Colorado.
* A History of Chaffee, County, Colorado is out of print and Chaffee County, Colorado Burials is not available for sale.

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Soft cover, 122 pages, 7 1/2" by 9 1/2" Documents burials in Nathrop and Centerville, Colorado Cemeteries, covers the violent "Lake County Wars" of the 1870's, has historical and scenic photographs of the area, map insert of early area land owners (c 1900-1910) and the township of Nathrop, Colorado 1965, early water rights and ditches in central Chaffee County, Colorado.

Where the Bodies Are, is about the infamous and violent Lake County (Colorado) War, the Vigilantes and their victims, some of whom are buried almost shoulder to shoulder in the Centerville and Nathrop cemeteries.

The author has tried to personalize the lives of everyone buried in these cemeteries and tell the story of the Lake County War which began in 1874 by the assassination of rancher George Harrington. A vigilante mob led by Charles Nachtrieb formed to revenge Harrington's murder. Harrington's murder was the direct cause of Judge Elias Dyer to be assassinated in his Granite courtroom on July 3, 1875 by members of the mob. His murderers were never caught. Several other unsolved murders occurred involving both sides during the next few years.




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I Provide FREE Chaffee County burial sources and lookups for historical or genealogical researchers from:

A History of Chaffee County
by June Shaputis and Suzanne Kelly, 1982
(Limited edition - out of print)

Chaffee County, Colorado Burials
by June Shaputis, 1987

Chaffee County, Colorado, Burials documents thousands of the known burials in Chaffee County, Colorado from about 1860 to 1985. These burials did not just take place in cemeteries, but occurred on ranches, along roads, trails, streams and rivers, and sometimes beside a solitary miner's cabin. All sources that I found regarding these individuals such as newspaper obituaries, maiden names, church records, books written mentioning the person, coroner's records, occupations, some causes of death, etc., are included.

Most information and sources from this manuscript can be found online at: Chaffee County -

Where The Bodies Are
by June Shaputis, 1995

History of the Arkansas Valley, Colorado, 1881

Under the Angel of Shavano
by Everett and Hutchinson, 1963
(out of print)

and other miscellaneous locally written books.

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