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The Cemetery at Tin Cup, Colorado is unique in that it has specified four distinct and separate hills to bury people according to their faith or their perceived lack of it. Their names and locations are:

PROTESTANT KNOLL (to the north) (largest knoll)
JEWISH KNOLL (to the east)
BOOT HILL KNOLL (to the west)

Due to much vandalism, weathering of wooden markers, and non-existing records, any corrections,
additions, personal histories or stories of any interments in this cemetery would be greatly
appreciated. Please contact June Shaputis.

Burials and Memorial Markers on Protestant Knoll (This knoll is the largest of four knolls and is north of the Catholic knoll.)

ARNEE, (ARNELL), L. V. born 25 Sep 1885, died 30 Aug 1893.

BIGGS, ANDREW J. died March 1884

COLLINS, JOHN died 27 Aug 1902, found dead 100 yards from his Tin Cup cabin,
alcoholic; St. Elmo man.

COLVIN, J. G. age 46 years, died 10 Nov 1890, "fine fellow."

CRAWFORD, J. L. age 21 years, died 25 Mar 1880.

DICKSON, ROBERT DEAN born 20 Oct, 1951, died 31 Jul 1986, marble marker inscribed:
"Our Son and Brother / In God's Care"; southeast corner, east row.


DUNCAN, NAOMI RACHEL born 8 May 1982, died 19 May 1982, marble marker, northwest corner, west row.

DUNCAN, GEORGE W. born 1855, died 25 June 1907, Duncan Flats was named for him.
"Good man." Marble marker near Lowry Englebright's grave, west row. Marble marker placed by Dr. and Mrs. Ray Duncan (son) in the 1950's.

DUNNEY, (?) W. B.

ENGLEBRIGHT, LOWERY born 17 Jun 1865, died 14 Apr 1965, two months short of his 100th birthday. Wonderful gentleman, tall, straight. Lived on Grand Avenue, Tin Cup, in brown house with false front south of the bridge. Marble marker, mid way on west row.

FISHER, KATE age 70 years, died June 1902. She was a black lady who was loved and
respected by everyone in Tin Cup. She came to Tin Cup during the early boom (1879 - 1880). She ran a hotel / restaurant where red blooming geraniums graced her hotel windows through the winter months. Bearberries grow green on her grave. John Curtis indicated her grave is in the west
row about five graves south of Englebright's grave.

GAINES, INFANT parents were P. and S. Gaines.


G___ , son of John G. G

GOLLAGHER, SAMUEL P. born 2 Sep 1853, died 9 Jul 1906. He owned a large mercantile store which may have been set on fire by an arsonist in Aug 1906 (a month after Gollagher's death. The fire destroyed all the commercial buildings in Block 30 on the south side of Washington Avenue. Gollagher left a wife and 7 young children. Marble marker with iron fence north end of east row. Marker placed by daughters, Susan and Mary G

HARRIS, WILLIAM (SANDY) age 61 years, 8 months, died 5 May 1911. A good blacksmith. He lived in long cabin on the east end of the Gollagher property on Main Street (originally the Alex Thomas property.)

HINMAN, CAROLINE JANE born 12 Mar 1857, died 24 Dec 1935.

HINMAN, FRANK A. born 25 Jan 1857, died 16 Jun 1900. Graves originally marked with
wooden markers "Mother", "Father". Replaced with marble markers in recent years. "We miss thee from our home dear / We miss thee from thy place / A shadow over our lives is cast / We miss the sunshine of thy face." Graves enclosed with log fence kept in good repair by descendants.

IVEY, THOMAS died 1899, son of Thomas and Ida. Third grave south of Duncan baby, west row.

JESSOP, ASA died Sep 1906

KAUDY, WILLIAM died 25 May 1898. Masonic area-- southeast corner.


LEES, MRS. JOHN Her grave is about midway in the 2nd row. The grave was once enclosed with a wooden fence. The wooden marker was tall and narrow with a depression for a picture. Both gone now.

LUMLEY, GRACE niece of George White. Buried next to White, Masonic area--southeast

MARKWELL, CORA ALBERTA born 10 Feb 1901, died 3 Aug 1989. Marble marker, east row, southeast corner. Long time summer resident of Tin Cup.

MAXWELL, MERRILL, JUDITH born 30 Apr 1943, died 13 May 1990. Summer resident of Tin Cup who loved to fish Italian Creek.

MEBOROL (NEBORAL), F. B. died 26 Nov 1907.

MORRIS, AMARET daughter of Harry and Elizabeth

MORRIS, BURTONA LUCY born 8 Jun 1901, died ____. Daughter of Harry and Elizabeth Morris. Buried next to Amaret Morris. Their graves once had granite markers fashioned by their mother and father.

NEAL, MAGGIE infant, died 18 Aug 1888.

PARENT, MARY B. WILEY born 22 Nov 1869, died 31 Mar 1901, wife of Alex Parent. She operated a successful restaurant in her Tin Cup home until she married Alex. Her son, Dean Wiley, was 10 years old when Mary died. He lived with Alex and the Harrington family (when Alex was away on his mail route) until he left for California as a young man. Dean visited Tin Cup in the 1960's and looked unsuccessfully for Alex's grave. Alex died in Feb 1930 (1859-1930).

PARENT, MRS. PETER died in the late 1880's

PARENT, PETER died 1897. Mrs. and Peter Parent are buried side by side in the east
row near Mary Parent.

ROOF, MAUDIE her wooden marker was tall and narrow, inscribed: "Maudie, Only Daughter of Mary and William Roof, Departed This Life Nov. 6, 1880, Aged 5 years, 2 months, 16 days." Marker is now gone. Grave in Masonic area next grave north of Abbie Weston.

ROOF, WILLIAM of Farley, Missouri. Next to Maudie Roof.

SEETON, ROSS V. JR. born 7 Feb 1920, died 12 Mar 1992, interment June 20, 1992. Marble
marker next to Lowery Englebright.

SHORT, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Short.

STORMES, T. L. died 30 Apr 1879. First man buried in Tin Cup Cemetery. From New York.

SUTTON, SHELDON SIM born 1845, died Aug 1900. Grandfather of Sarah Tomney Jeffries of Las Vegas, Nev., who was 85 years young in 1988. Father of Sallie Sutton Tomney. Father and daughter had a ranch north area of present Taylor Reservoir, known as the Tomney Ranch.

WALSH, MRS. C. age 36 years, died Oct ____.

WESTON, ABBIE age 55 yrs, 6 mos, 28 dys, died 5 Jun 1888. Wife of John Weston who operated the Pacific Hotel. Her daughter is buried in the Iron City cemetery near St. Elmo.


WHITE, GEORGE died 2 Jan 1883. Of Hampton, Iowa. Married to Rose Lumley. First Mason buried in Masonic area of Protestant Knoll, Tin Cup cemetery. Buried next to niece, Grace Lumley.

WHITE, MIRIAM S. born 20 Jul 1921, died 28 Apr 1983. Iron fence, marble marker, east
row, south end. Summer resident of Tin Cup.

WOLFE, CHARLIE died before his brother, Oscar.

WOLFE, OSCAR died Apr 1916. Oscar dug his own grave. He had dug a grave for Billie Pryor who accidentally shot himself while unloading a bedstead from a wagon. Pryor's family changed burial plans after the grave was dug and had the body sent to St. Louis. A year later, Oscar died and the grave he had prepared for Pryor was used for him. Oscar was dead in his cabin for a week before the body was discovered.

WOODWARD, MURRELL T. born 17 Aug 1898, died 10 Dec 1980.

WOODWARD, MONTA B. born 22 Nov 1899, died 21 Jun 1980. Marble marker, new west row on south end. The Woodward's were long-time summer residents of Tin Cup. Murrell loved to fish and Monta was generous with her delicious fried pies.

Burials in BOOT HILL, Tin Cup Cemetery (This knoll is east of the Catholic knoll.)

BOWMAN, E. aged 68 yrs, died Feb _____.

CAMERON, "BLACK" JACK "He drew 5 aces." Southeast corner.

CHADWICK, FRED died 1908. An assayer and chemist, educated English gentleman.

CHRISTOPHER, BUD died ____, 1879. Killed by T. Lahey.

CONLEY, WILLIAM R. died in the spring of 1903. Shot and killed by John Lynch. Considered self-defense killing. Lynch died about a year later in a horse and buggy accident and was buried in Buena Vista.

EMERSON, FRANK died 7 Jul 1882. Town Marshal shot and killed by Tom Leahy 100 - 200 feet east of the present town hall door. Leahy sentenced to 12 years in Colorado State Penitentiary.

GREGG, CLANSON died 1886. Shot and killed by Charley Wahl in a Tin Cup store on Washington Avenue. Wahl was exonerated. His attorney was Thomas Patterson.

HARBURT, A. died 1906. Killed in Robert E. Lee # 2 mining shaft accident.



JAMISON, ANDREW age 27 years, died 5 May 1883. Town marshal who was shot and killed
by William Taylor. Taylor was convicted and served 4 years in the Colorado State Penitentiary.

JAMISON, JAMES age 52 years, died Mar 1890. Killed in a mining accident while inebriated. Uncle of Andrew; buried next to Andrew.

JONES, DEACON died 8 Sep 1903. Reported to have been the "peeping tom" of Tin Cup. Also a good judge of whiskey.

MAXIMER, SHANG died 1880. Shot and killed by James Dempsey.

"PASS OUT" A dance hall girl who lived out her life in Tin Cup and is buried on Boot Hill.

RIVERS, HARRY died 7 Mar 1882. Shot and killed by Charles LaTourette, saloon keeper.
Rivers was the town marshal at the time of his death. There are several conflicting stories as to how he was killed. LaTourette appeared before a "kangaroo court" in Tin Cup. Case was dismissed --
LaTourette acted in self-defense. River's grave is located in the center of Boot Hill.

Burials on JEWISH KNOLL, Tin Cup cemetery (This knoll is west of the Catholic knoll.)

HARRIS, _______ 1 month old, died 10 Nov 1882. Son of Isaac and Leah Harris.

HARRIS, _______ born 23 Sep 1883, died 4 Oct 1883. Son of Isaac and Leah Harris.

HARRIS, _______ born 5 Oct 1884, died 23 Nov 1884. Twin sons of Isaac and Leah Harris.
The Harris's owned and operated a tailor shop and store on Washington Avenue.

KLAUBER, J. J. age 2 years. born 29 ___ 1886, died 1888.

KLAUBER, SIDNEY born 2 Sep 1881, died 1 Oct 1886. Mr. Klauber owned a store in Tin
Cup on the southwest corner of Grande and Washington Aves.

Burials on CATHOLIC KNOLL, Tin Cup cemetery (This knoll is the center knoll.) This knoll has 6 - 8 graves, one with a wooden fence.

DOBBS, ______ This name was inscribed on a long board placed on the Catholic Knoll
with the dates: 1965 and 1983.

HARRINGTON, ROBERT born 17 May 1907, died 17 May 1907, twin of John, son of Daniel C. and Julia Harrington. West end of knoll near remains of a dead tree.

Other Burials in Tin Cup Cemetery--Location Unknown

ANDREWS, _____ (from Gunnison County Courthouse records)

A. T. H. (foot marker)

HANLEY, WILLIAM died 13 May 1898

KAGGIN (?), CARL (?)

KEYES, A. A. age 67, died 11 Apr 1908. A rancher north of Tin Cup. Very tall, finest team of horses in Tin Cup.

LEWIS, ____

MACGRAGOR, S. KANG died 1899

MITCHELL, FRANK no dates. Had a small cabin just south of the Phil Korn home on Grand Avenue.

N____NES, W. (?)

NORWOOD, ____ infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Norwood.

RUTHERFORD (?), ____

SCHUP, JIM (from the Gunnison County Court house records, 6-8-88.) He may be on the Catholic knoll.

SMALL, MRS. Not sure that she is buried in Tin Cup cemetery. She operated the Tin Cup Hotel.

_______, J. J.

WINSHEIMER, LAWRENCE died 1905. An English Jew.

WINSHEIMER, ____ infant twins; died in the 1880's. Sons of Lawrence.

Other Burials in the Tin Cup area

EAVENSON, WALTER VERNON born 31 May 1951, died 9 Mar 1986. Memorial on Wolfe Placer.

JAMISON, _____ stillborn child of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jamison. Buried near the brickyard just east and below the Protestant Knoll.

I will be happy to add any information or make corrections regarding these individuals.  Submitters must allow me to use their contact information with the new information they provide. Sources that I used to find information are listed.


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