Buffalo Springs Cemetery

Park County, Colorado

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This cemetery is actually located in the South Park area of Park County. It is included only because a number of Buena Vista residents are buried there.

The Buffalo Springs Cemetery is about half way between Buena Vista and Fairplay on U.S. Highway 285, on property owned by the Western Union Land Sales Corporation. (Section 14, Township 12 South, Range 77 West, 6th P.M.) A large number of camping trailers or recreational vehicles are parked on lots sold for this people wanting a permanent camping area.

There were 33 marked graves, 7 unmarked graves and 1 illegible wooden marker in the cemetery as of September, 1982. The cemetery is still in use.

Abbreviations used

BALLEW, Len L.  9 Mar 1898 ‑ 28 Jul 1977 (Marker) 307 AMMO TRN CO G KY WWI (A HISTORY OF CHAFFEE COUNTY by Shaputis and Kelly, p. 171 - 172) (INCIDENTALLY by Gregg, p. 71) (SM 2 Aug 1977; CC Times 4 Aug 1977; story, 1 Jan 1971)

BALLEW, Minnie Carrie DAVIS 1884 ‑ 24 May 1968 (Marker) (SM (Mrs. Len L.) 28 Mar 1968; CC Rep 31 May 1968) (A HISTORY OF CHAFFEE COUNTY by Shaputis and Kelly, p. 172 -172)

BERRY, Peachie M. 5 Dec 1868 ‑ 13 Jul 1913 (Marker)

BERRY, Thomas J. 23 Sep 1843 ‑ 12 Jul 1914 (Marker)

CHENEY, Ella E. DAVIS 25 Jun 1873 ‑ 19 Apr 1938, "Our Mother" (Marker) (CC Rep 22 Apr 1938)

CHENEY, Lucy A. 1892 ‑ 1921 (Marker)

DAVIS, Bessie Maria HAYWARD 24 Dec 1874 ‑ 10 Mar 1949 (Marker) (BV Town Hall Rec) (CC Rep 18 Mar 1949) daughter of Wm. L. and Carrie C. HAYWARD DAVIS, sister of Minnie C. DAVIS BALLEW, she was single. Died of old age in Buena Vista, Colorado. She was a Fairplay resident in 1878.

DAVIS, Carrie C. HAYWARD 1854 ‑ 1923 (Marker) she may (Mrs. Wm. L.) have been the postmistress at Mears, Colorado in 1881.

DAVIS, Melvin C. 1891 ‑ 20 Aug 1938 (Marker) (CC Rep 26 Aug 1938) Son of Wm. L. and Carrie C. HAYWARD DAVIS.

DAVIS, Walter W. 1889 ‑ 1970

DAVIS, William L. Co. G, 1 Colo. Cav. (Marker) husband of Carrie C. HAYWARD; his ranch was located seven miles south of Fairplay, Colorado.

DAVIS, Willis L. 1882 ‑ 1911, Brother (Marker)

DeYARMAN, Mary C. d. Aug 1915 (Marker) (SM 8 Oct   1915)

DeYARMAN, William C. Co. E, 14 Pa. Cav. (Old stone)

DIXON, Hannah L. KIMSEY 2 Jun 1844 ‑ 29 May 1911, Mother (Mrs. John M.) (Marker) she and John DIXON were married December 24, 1867.

DIXON, John M. 5 Aug 1832 ‑ 1 Jun 1891 (Marker) he was an early discoverer of the area. He was in the Leadville District until 1867. He then became a prosperous farmer after purchasing land 13 miles south of Fairplay on the South Platt River on June 26 1879. His daughter, Martha A DIXON married James W. RICH. (PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899, p. 1108)

DRAKE, Baby (girl) Age 2 dys, d. 8 Oct 1898, infant dau. of J. (John) W. & E. (Elizabeth) L. (THOMPSON) DRAKE (Marker) Her father owned a ranch on the South Fork of the South Platt River 11 1/2 miles south of Fairplay, Colorado. He had settled in the area in 1881. He had been a superintendent of the 63 Ranch for three years. (PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899, p. 1135)

GREEN, Estello Rillia Age 1 yr 1 mo 21 dys, d. 2 Dec 1881, dau. of G. H. & E. L. GREEN (Marker)

GREEN, George Washington Age 3 yrs 20 dys, d. 20 Aug 1877, son of G. H. & E. L. GREEN (Marker)

GREEN, Ida Belle Age 11 mos, d. 23 Sep 1864, dau. of G. H. & E. L. GREEN (Marker)

HORST, Phyllis C. O'CONNOR 26 Jul 1931 ‑ 27 Dec 1970, Daughter (of O'CONNOR) (Marker)

MILLER, Edna A. DAVIS 1877 ‑ 1960 (Marker) (CC Rep 7 Oct 1960)

MILLER, Louis John 25 Apr 1909 ‑ 26 Sep 1968; Pvt, 34 Tank Bn, N.Y., WWII (Marker) (BV Town Hall Rec) (CC Rep 4 Oct 1968) He operated the Buena Vista Chevron Station in Buena Vista, Colorado for several years. He was a brother to Mary B. MILLER NEUKIRCH. He was killed in an automobile accident.

NEUKIRCH, George F. 1900 ‑ 1982 (Marker)

O'CONNOR, Richard J. 26 Aug 1915 ‑ 30 Jun 1976

PARMELEE, Huldah J. SMITH 28 Feb 1825 ‑ 1902, Mother (Marker) Pioneer (PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899)

PARMELEE, J. O. (D?) Age 72 yrs 10 mos 19 dys, d. 22 Sep 1885, Father (Marker) born 3 Dec 1813; 1860 Pioneer; Park County Commissioner; miner, sawmill operator. (PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899, p. 209)

RICH, Nat Jr. 18 Oct 1862 (1865?) ‑ 14 Jan 1883 (Marker) His father's obituary can be found in the Chaffee County Republican 19 Feb 1916; story of father is in the PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899, P. 1412.

SHOEMAKER, Mabel 22 Jun 1877 ‑ 11 Mar 1882, dau. of R. (Roswell) P. & E. (Emma) A. PARMELEE SHOEMAKER (Marker) Her father was a 1864 Colorado Pioneer. He ranched on the South Platt River 15 miles south of Fairplay. He was a sawmill business partner of J. D. PARMELEE. (PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO 1899, p. 1416)

SWEET, Clementine ABRAMS 11 Apr 1820 ‑ 12 Dec 1896 (Mrs. Job. K.) (Marker) she married Job K. in 1840.

SWEET, Job Kaster (Kester?) 4 Mar 1812 (1819?) ‑ 14 Sept 1893 (Marker) He was a South Park rancher. His picture and story can be found in the PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF COLORADO, p. 1089.

SWISHER, Burget JET Age 63 yrs 2 mos 7 dys, d. 31 Dec 1879 (Marker)

THOMPSON, Carrie Evelyn 17 Apr 1896 ‑ 16 Jun 1978 CHENEY (Marker) (BV Town Hall Rec) She was a widow; a cousin to Mrs. George NEUKIRCH; a rancher. She died of intestinal trouble.

WISDOM, Donald Phillip 4 May 1948 ‑ 11 Oct 1970; Colo., En. 2, U.S. Navy, Vietnam (Marker) (BV Town Hall Rec) (SM 12 & 14 Oct 1970) (CC Rep 16 Oct 1970) He was the son of Harold Russell and Violet E. NEUKIRCH WISDOM; single; managed a service station when he was killed in an automobile accident.

I will be happy to add any information or make corrections regarding these individuals.  Submitters must allow me to use their contact information with the new information they provide. Sources that I used to find information are listed.


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