Alpine Cemetery

Chaffee County, Colorado

Researched by June Shaputis

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Alpine Cemetery is located in the northeast corner of the town site, next to a newer built house. (Section 25, Township 15 South, Range 80 West, 6th P.M.) It has three granite markers and one readable wooden marker remaining in 1986. A few more wooden markers are there but so weathered or broken that it is impossible to identify the interment.

Many of the thirty‑nine unmarked graves have rocks placed in a ring around the graves, or simply a large rock at the head and a smaller rock at the foot of the grave. A few are only a depression in the ground. One or two graves had been surrounded by a wooden fence that has fallen down and is being demolished by the deep winter snowfalls.

Few of the graves are together. It appears that graves were dug without regard to any type of a pattern as far as direction goes. Some are facing east to west, while others are lying north to south. Some are off by themselves at an angle to the majority of the other graves.

The earliest marked grave in the cemetery is that of James W. COUCH, 1880. The cemetery is no longer in use. There are no records.

CARR, Jennie Age 8 yrs, d. 1885 (1885 Colorado State Census Rec) (May be in Iron City Cemetery)

COUCH, James W. 4 (14?) Feb 1856 ‑ 19 Jan 1880 (Wooden Marker) Shot. He was from Pittsburg. (CHALK CREEK, COLO., by Ward, p. 30) (See 1880 Mortality Schedule.)

DEMPSEY, Patrick Found dead 6 Jul 1880 in Grizzly Gulch. His head had been crushed by a boulder and he had been dead 4 to 6 weeks before being found. (Salida Mountain Mail 10 Jul 1880)

FARREN, Ethel May Age 3 mos, b. Colorado, d. 17 Feb 1904 of pneumonia at Alpine (Chaffee County Court House Records Book 1 p. 10) (Story, Chaffee County Republican 22 Sep 1972) (Buried in Iron City?) Her mother was Lillie Gilchrist Farren Williams who was in Buena Vista in 1942.

FARREN, Joseph Age 42, d. 16 Dec 1913 (Denver Post Empire Mag. 19 Dec 1971) (Buried at Iron City?) 1910 census miner age 36, married 9 years to Lillian A., had had 4 children but only 3 were living. Colorado Republican 12 Jan 1905 he signed a deed to Lillian, Block 13 lot s 16 and 17 in Alpine. (Chaffee County Republican, his son, C. F. died and was buried in California and his mother was alive.)

HUDSON, Joseph 6 Sep 1837 ‑ 21 Feb 1879, an original settler who was killed by a snow slide in Grizzly Gulch (Marker) (CHALK CREEK, COLO., by Ward, p. 30) (TIMBERLINE TAILINGS by Wolle, p. 124.)

JOHNSON, (JOHNSTON) H. R. July 1839 - d. 1904 (See daughter's obituary in Chaffee County Democrat 27 Sep 1919. He may be buried here, see Buena Vista cemetery.) 1900 census he was age 60, a widowed liquor dealer in Buena Vista.)

McILHANY, G. W. Shot 1880 (Chaffee County Republican 10 Aug 1962) (Buried here?) Could this be COUCH?

MULHOFF, (MULTHOPP) Louis Age 80 yrs, found dead 24 Feb 1912 in his cabin from exposure (Salida Mail 27 Feb 1912)

PECK, John b. 14 Mar 1812 in England; d. 24 Jul 1881 (Marker)

PITTS, Mattie E. Age 3 yrs 5 mos, d. 15 Aug 1882, dau. of T. (Thomas) A. & S. (Sarah) C. PITTS (Marker) 1880 census, her father was a miner.

SPLAIN, John d. 29 Jun 1880; 3rd Wisc. Cav. (Salida Mountain Mail 10 Jul 1880) Died of pneumonia. Had brothers in Poncha; Superintendant of the Alpine Silver Mining Co.

TRYON, Mrs. d. ca. 1885 (Chaffee County Republican 27 Aug 1965)

TYLER, Frank E. Died in a cabin fire at Alpine (Salida Mail 7 Nov 1899) (Coroner's Rec. on file at the Salida museum)

I will be happy to add any information or make corrections regarding these individuals.  Submitters must allow me to use their contact information with the new information they provide. Sources that I used to find information are listed.


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