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Chaffee County, Colorado

Historical and Genealogical Information
Chaffee County, CO resources
Chaffee County Times Newspaper
Where The Bodies Are
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Genealogy - Charlemagne, King Ed I, Filmer, Green, Waterman, Clay, down to June Shaputis (this is the old Geocities website)
Genealogy of Shaputis 
Fingernail Woman aka Mrs Clay a Lakota Sioux
East Sutton Park History
East Sutton Park Photos
King John to Henry Filmer of East Sutton Park and Beyond
Family Pictures
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I am no longer in NV and can not help with any research. Contact the Ely City Cemetery, Chamber of Commerce, Ely Daily Times or the White Pine County Library for assistance. Hopefully they will provide help for you.


The White Pine Forum on this website is no longer available


White Pine County, Nevada

Ghost Town Map (interactive)
White Pine County, Nevada Cemeteries and Burials 
Ely State Prison & Conservation Camp
Fort Ruby, Ruby Valley
Ruth, NV Streets and pictures of houses and buildings
Murder of Nancy Griffith
White Pine Genealogical Sources
White Pine Historical & Archaeological Society  Website is discontinued after being up for many years because the county did not appreciate the effort to help promote the area even though I never asked for anything other than a simple thank you and expected a link to it. Neither the Chamber of Commerce nor the Ely Daily Times made a link to it even though the Chamber requested I put a link to them on the website. I was happy to do that for them.

I expect it was because I was considered an outsider and they only seem to acknowledge those who have been born and raised there. Or it was because I chose to put my money into the website instead of pay a membership fee on top of providing free information for all and never having ads to help pay for it.

A few pages will remain up because they are important. The cemeteries and burials will remain too. So please send updates to info on it.

So, sadly, I am now devoting my efforts, money and time to promoting Chaffee County, Colorado where they do value my research. This too will be done for free for them.

White Pine County Discussion  Board  Is discontinued. The forum is now actively used by a game interest group.
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